The Teen Eating Disorder Defense Mechanism

Adolescence can be a very stressful time when people begin gaining independence and discovering who they are. The teen years are when people establish new friendships and also when they find that their body has begun to develop. When a person enters puberty, it can be a very stressful, confusing and frightening period.

A lucky few can make the transition from childhood to adulthood with no major problems. However, there may be some who may develop a teen eating disorder as a way to cope with these changing times.

A teen eating disorder may cause someone to worry that the weight that he or she is gaining will become permanent. This can cause panic and desperate efforts to prevent or shed any weight gain. Teens may be ignorant of the fact that these physical changes will ease with time and that their weight will stabilize without the need for dieting. The teen eating disorder may also be attributed to going through puberty which is a testing time, especially if the teenager also has to undergo sexual advances. Continue reading

Symptoms of eating disorder

Eating disorders effect a lot of men and women throughout the world. Many people don’t search for help and gradually die because of this difficulty. Suffering with an eating disease is considered to be a serious ailment. Eating disorders can afflict the mind, deceiving the person into considering he or she needs to take the most serious methods to change his or her appearance. The person then takes required measures, be it excessive consuming, depriving themselves of food, or getting rid of the disease. This is more than just an eating plan to shed weight or trying to exercise every day. There are  extremes in dimensions in conduct — the eating plan that never comes to an end and progressively gets more restricted, or the person who can’t go out with friends because he or she feels it’s more important to go running to work off a treat consumed earlier. Continue reading